Why I Call the Ford F150 the Best Vehicle I’ve Ever Owned

2014 Ford F-150 Photo

If someone was to ask me what the best vehicle I had ever owned was that would be an easy question. I wouldn’t even have to think about it before I would tell them my Ford F150 Lariat 4 x 4. I no longer drive it, I drive a Hummer H2 but not by my choice. I love my H2 but the Ford holds a special piece of my heart. My husband now drives the Ford so he doesn’t have to put many miles on his new Corvette. Even though I don’t actually drive the Ford anymore on a daily basis, I know that it’s there and I can if I need to.

I’ve heard all my life Ford and Chevrolet owners debate about who makes a better vehicle and I can say that I have done this myself. Of course I say Ford is better, it’s my opinion but I think my opinion is a pretty smart one indeed. I don’t know why I would say any different being the old 2003 Ford is still up and running great and the only work that has been done on it are replacing the breaks, tires, oil and filters. When I tell you that I’ve run the road with this truck, believe me I have run them hard. I drove that truck an hour to and an hour from work everyday for many years.

The leather seat have seen better days but the rest of the interior has held up great making the truck look newer than it really is. It’s a tough truck, it’s pulled our boat and jet ski many times with ease. It’s been our work horse that’s for sure. We’ve hauled many pieces of furniture and other large, heavy items that didn’t even phase it.

Well we sure can’t forget the 4 x 4 capability of course! Boy did this help me out at times of need. One night my husband and I were looking for our motel room leaving late from the casino and decided to cut through a dirt road that we shouldn’t of. As I started to get stuck in the mud, my husband clicked on the four wheel drive and we were out of there back on the main road in no time!

I like the fact this truck is rugged yet handsome at the same time. If I get a scratch on it, who cares. Trucks are going to get their scratches and we should just chill out and call them beauty marks. It always came in handy on large grocery days when I drove it and now days when we just want to throw some chairs and an ice chest in the bed and make a run to the lake. Our family loves the outdoors and water sports so owning a truck like the this is simply perfect!

The Ford F150 is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Made in 2003 it still runs wonderful with it’s 150,000 mileage total and looks like a beauty when it comes out of a fresh car wash. If I were to trade my Hummer in tomorrow it would be for another Ford F150 you better believe it. Good looks & durability this truck rocks!

Image source: http://www.2014fordf150.com/2014-ford-f-150-raptor/

2014 Ford F-150 Photo 1004

2014 Ford F-150 Photo

Image source: http://chinohillsfordnews.com/get-mpg-2014-ford-f-150-pomona/. 2014 Ford F-150 Specification Launched Price Deals Cheap

2014 Ford F-150 Photo 1003

2014 Ford F-150 Photo

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2014 Ford F-150 Photo 1002

2014 Ford F-150 Photo

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2014 Ford F-150 Photo 1001

2014 Ford F-150 Photo

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